0.45mm Twill Weave Fiberglass Cloth

0.45mm Twill Weave Fiberglass Cloth

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Size 100cm--200cm width
Model RD3732
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fiberglass cloth roll

RD3732 Fiberglass cloth (fire blanket roll) is made of continuous fiberglass yarns. It has excellent insulating,corrosion resistance,high temperature resistance and good resin impregnation.

RD3732 fiberglass cloth is widely used in the thermal insulating ,heat protection,fireproofing,economize energy sources,labor protection and can be used as base materials for coating.

 Main Application:

Thermal insulation

Heat protection

Welding blanket,fire blanket

Base materials for coating,impregnating and laminating


Service Temperature:550

Thickness : 0.45mm                                                          Weight:  430g/m2

Colour: white/tan                                                               Weave:Twill


Length:50 meters/100 meters

 Certificate: SGS EN1869,AS3504,CE,ISO9001

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