Fiberglass Chopped Strand Mat

Fiberglass Chopped Strand Mat

Package carton packing
Model EMC225, EMC300,EMC450,EMC600
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Fiberglass Chopped Strand Mat is kinds of reinforcing products that made from continuous fiberglass strand, which is chopped into a certain length, distributed in a random and non-directional position and bonded with binders. It is suitable for hand lay-up. Mold press, filament winding and mechanical forming etc., such GRP processes. The main products include kinds of panels, boats, bath equipments, automobile parts and cooling towers etc.


Glass type: E-glass and C-glass Chopped Strand Mat.
Bond type: Powder or Emulsion.
Density: 80g/m2-900g/m2.
Normal types: 180g/m2. 225g/m2. 300g/m2 450g/m2. 600m2.
Bond Content: 100g/m2 (10%-15%). 300g/m2.450g/m2.600g/m2 (4%-6%)
Roll Width: 200mm-2600mm.
Normal types: 750mm.1040mm.1250mm.1270mm.1450mm.
Roll weight/: 28kgs-55kgs.
Normal types :28kgs.30kgs.35kgs


Product is manufacture in form of a roll warp on a paper tube then after packed in a plastic bag and placed with in a cardboard .Carton. Rolls can be loaded in a container directly or on pallets.

Loading Quantity(Fiberglass mat)

 20’GP container: about 10000kgs

 40’HC container :about 23100kgs