RD3732ST 570g/m2 0.48mm Silicone Coated Fiberglass Fabric

RD3732ST 570g/m2 0.48mm Silicone Coated Fiberglass Fabric

Size 0.48MM Coated Silicone Rubber
Package 1Mx50M,1524MMx50M OR REQUEST
Model RD3732ST
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Silicone coated fiberglass fabric is constructed from a fiberglass base cloth and impregnated or coated one side or both sides with a specially compounded silicone rubber.Due to silicone rubber physiological inert, not only increase the strength,thermal insulation,fireproof,insulating properties,but also has the ozone resistance,oxygen aging,light aging,climate aging,oil resistance and other properties.

Product Code Unit Weight Thickness Coating Color Temperature
RD7628ST 320g/m2 10oz/yd2 0.2mm 0.008inch Double Sides


Yellow etc


RD3732SO 510g/m2 17oz/yd2 0.43mm 0.017inch One Side
RD3732ST 570g/m2 19oz/yd2 0.48mm 0.019inch Double Sides
RD3784ST1 1040g/m2 35oz/yd2 0.8mm 0.032inch One Side
RD3784ST2 1140g/m2 38oz/yd2 0.9mm 0.035inch Double Sides
RD666ST1 840g/m2 28oz/yd2 0.7mm 0.028inch One Side
RD666ST2 910g/m2 31oz/yd2 0.7mm 0.028inch Double Sides


Standard Width:1000mm(40inch),1520mm(60inch)

Carton or Woven bag packing

Other spec are available on request


1.Good resistance to extreme temperature -94℉(-70℃)~1000℉(550℃).

2.High strength,fire resistance,oil resistance,waterproof,chemical resistance,non-toxic.

3.Weathering aging resistance,excellent weather ability used in outdoors and ages may be reached to 10years.

4.High insulation:dielectric constant from 3 to 3.2,breakdown voltage from 20 to 50KV/mm.


Fabric expansion joints Insulation jackets,mattress and pad
Fire door&fire curtains
Welding/ fire blanket
Pipeline ductile conjunction and non-metal compensating facility
High temperature protection and electric insulation