RD880HS 1.0 mm Silica Cloth

RD880HS 1.0 mm Silica Cloth

Package carton
Size 1000mm(40'')
Model Silica Cloth
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High silica cloth is a high performance textile fabric that has 96% SiO2, with strong organizational structure and high flexibility design :

1.Can be used in the high temperature of strict conditions, used in high temperature heat insulation, heat protection, not burning , not corruption, and has the resistant to acid.

2.In 1100 degree celsius temperature conditions can long keep its shape.

According to the actual demand can add vermiculite ,silicone coating .


Used for heat preservation and thermal insulation

Welding/cuting,molten metal splash protection

Heat and flame shielding,stress relief

Hose and cable protection and under emergency as fire blankets

Welding blanket,fire blanket

Instantaneous Temperature  1700℃

Maximum Operating Temperature  1300

Continuous Operating Temperature  1000℃


Type:RD880HS                                              Weave:8H satin

Weight:880g/m2 (26 oz/yd2)                          Thickness:1.0 mm(0.04'')

Width:1000mm(40'')                                       Length:50meters(55 yards)

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