Safe Welding Habitat Panel

Safe Welding Habitat Panel

Package carton with pallet
Size 2x2x2m, 4x4x2m
Model 2x2x2m, 4x4x2m
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Safe welding habitats panel is made of high performance fiberglass cloth, which is coated with blue/orange color silicone.It can be used in oil exploration industry for pipe insulation, fireproof  and temperature protection.


·       To contain sparks from hot work inside the habitat and thus prevent them from reaching flammable gas.

·       To prevent flammable gas from entering the habitat by using internal overpressure. 


Panel Standard sizes 1m*1m,  2m*1m, 2m*2m,0.5m*1m

Panel is constructed from lightweight-flame retardant-fiber glass based material

Accesories: fire retardant zippers, fire retardant hook and loop,eye pad, tapes, etc.

It can be made into different sizes,shapes and colors.

weld habitat panel

welding habitat panels

welding habitat