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PVC coated fiberglass fabric is made of fiberglass basic cloth coated with PVC. It has good properties of fire resistance, weather proof and excellent water repellence. It is also ultraviolet-proofing, cold-proofing and easy to cut.


waterproofing, flame resistant, mildew-proofing, cold-proofing and corrosion-proofing; seasoning resistant; ultraviolet-proofing; easy washing; high temperature resistant(180), good capability of heat maintaining.

Main Application:

1). Shed fabric: widely used in shed fabric of train, truck transportation, shed fabric of preservation of foodstuff, quay and storehouse, it is mainly used for waterproofing;

2). Wind-booting tube fabric: drilling turret clothes, sorts of tent, mine wind-booting tube, etc ( it is mainly used on waterproofing, fireproofing, cold-proofing and corrosion resistant);

3). Heat holding: used to bind sorts of pipeline and equipment, it could be cut into items;

4). Be made into fireproofing glue-belt;

5). Fireproofing electric welding blanket, fireproofing insulated shelter, fireproofing tent;

6). Be used as construction material, shape kinds of perspective project;

7). To raise sorts of tent, occasional house, etc.

Weight:420g/m2,580g/m2, etc

Colororangeredgreengrey etc


Length:50m per roll

Packagecarton or pallet

Fiberglass fabrics finishing style

Service Temperature


Fiberglass fabric Applications

Aluminum coated with fiberglass fabric


Heat reflection, waterproof,abrasion proof

Heat protection cushions,motor vehicle industry

Dyeing with fiberglass fabric


Heat reflection,distinguish work area

Heat protection,

Welding blanket

Heat treatment fiberglass fabric


Decrease pulverous mote, good osmosis

Welding blanket, general purpose insulation

Silicone coated with fiberglass fabric


Mechanical load , good chemical resistance,oil resistance, corrosion resistance

Welding blanket,foundry splash protetion,conveyor belt and expansion joints

Vermiculite coated fiberglass fabric


Abrasion resistant and fireproof

Welding blanket, general purpose insulation

PVC coated with fiberglass fabric


Waterproof,easy to cuts

Shed fabric,with-booting tube, fire blanket used on waterproofing , fireproof,cold-proofing

Acrylic coated with fiberglass fabric


Abrasion resistane, easy to cuts,allergen resistant,anti-adhesive

Welding blanket, expansion joints

Neoprene coated with fiberglass fabric


Abrasion resistane,allergen resistant

Welding protection

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